1107 Subject Lines

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In fact, last year alone, people paid me over $96,278.91 just to get my emails opened so they can get more clicks to webpages.


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Your success or failure as an email list owner is dependent firstly upon getting your subscribers to open your emails.

Don't make this more complicated than it is.

It can be very hard to get emails opened if don't proven subject lines to swipe from.

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When Internet Marketing Legend, Matt Bacak discovered I compiled my top 1,107 subject lines for you he wanted to get his hot little hands on them for himself.

As he placed his hand on them, we sat down together and discussed how you can get more people to open your emails so you get more people to respond.

It was an absolutely powerful hour of incredible insights.

Matt shared things people wouldn't know unless you had 15 years of email marketing experience like him.

It was a conversation unlike anything you've ever heard before.

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There are some very SIMPLE things we all can do to get your subscribers to read virtually every email you send them! So I'm very glad, I captured it on video, audio, and even turned it into a pdf for you.

With his permission of course :-) 

Now you too can use these proven high open rate getting subject lines in your email campaigns (and get the raw recording of Matt and I) to give your emails a boost, when you grab your copy of:

1107 Subject Lines

My Top 1107 Subject Lines After Sending 43,444,791 Emails - You Can Instantly Swipe & Deploy! 

Not only are you going to get 1107 subject lines that I ranked from my greatest ones to my best ones, but you'll also receive that private conversation with Internet Marketing Legend, Matt Bacak.


I captured it on video, audio, and even turned it into a pdf for you....

  MP4 Video - A 1 hour revealing video where Matt Bacak and I printed off all 1107 subject lines and dissected the best ones so you can easily just use mine or slightly modify them to dramatically boost your open rate and sales by as much as 180%! 
MP3 Audio - Don't want to be tied to your computer to digest this valuable info?  Listen on the go (on your iPod, iPad, etc.),  wherever is convenient for you!
Transcript - You'll receive a complete word-for-word transcript of the entire conversation allowing you to revisit any of the tips, advice, or insight provided (any time you want).

Bottom line: It's the greatest gold-mine of easy "Email Open Rate Improving" advice ever crammed into one product!

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My Top "1107 Subject Lines" PDF containing 1107 copy-n-paste subject lines. Copy them or print them off for easy reference whenever you want to give your emails a dose of open rate adrenaline.
The private "Open Rate Getting" conversation with internet marketing legend, Matt Bacak captured it on video, audio, and even turned it into a pdf for you.
BONUS "358 Symbols" (valued at $9.95) These are 358 symbols that you can put into your subject lines to increase your open rates even quicker!

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